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Monday , September 20 2021

High-end thief confesses stealing KD 2.5m worth ‘valuable items’ from posh areas

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 7: An unidentified thief who did not expect to be caught so soon is in police custody charged with breaking into several homes in Daiya, Qortuba, Qadsiya and Faiha and escaping with precious items including very expensive watches, branded handbags and jewelry believed to be worth 2.5 million dinars, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The suspect said just a day before his arrest; he had agreed to sell the loot to an unidentified businessman for just 180,000 dinars. He told personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) during interrogation that he went to one of the shops to sell an expensive watch and the buyer put its value at 30,000 dinars. He went on to say at the last minute he decided against selling the watch fearing arrest.

He added, he gave as gifts some of the stolen handbags and precious items to his many girlfriends. He said he also gave one watch to the maid of his girlfriend and told her even if she worked in Kuwait for 50 years she will not be able to buy such a piece. He told police some of the loot he had hidden in a house in a suburb of Daiya. He added, he was planning to steal a dog from one of the house because it looked so cute.

The suspect said he was very careful in his movements and while committing the thefts he used stolen cars, IDs and phones to put the CID men off track, but was shocked when the former surprised him. Earlier, the Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry had said police were looking out for gang members who had allegedly broken into homes in various areas and stolen valuable items. The department had also said the Interior Ministry had tightened security around homes whose residents were absent from homes for long periods of time.

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