Heroic Florida deputy rescues baby in life-threatening car crash

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LOS ANGELES, Feb 20, (AP): A Florida officer’s quick instincts played a crucial role in saving a 6-month-old baby who lost consciousness following a fatal crash. The incident unfolded on the night of Feb 8 in Englewood, when a motorcyclist, estimated to be traveling over 100 mph, collided with a vehicle at an intersection, as reported by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Sgt Dave Musgrove of the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office witnessed the crash seconds after the high-speed motorcyclist passed him on S. McCall Rd, near Spinnaker Blvd. Upon activating his emergency lights and alerting dispatch, Musgrove approached the scene. The motorcycle lay shattered, and cries emanated from the vehicle it collided with, now about 25-40 feet away.

As Musgrove reached the scene, he discovered the deceased motorcyclist wedged into the rear window on the driver’s side. The driver of the vehicle pleaded for help with her children. Musgrove quickly attended to the situation, removing a toddler named Ariel from a booster seat in the rear passenger door.

The mother insisted her baby was still inside, but Musgrove initially saw only a male slumped over in the rear passenger seat. Upon closer inspection, he realized that 22-year-old Kayleigh Foley’s 6-month-old baby, Lola, was trapped beneath the deceased motorcyclist.

Bystanders came forward to assist, moving the motorcyclist away from the infant and cutting the seat belt. With the way clear, Sgt Musgrove promptly removed the car seat and began assessing the baby, who had no pulse and wasn’t breathing.

Musgrove initiated chest compressions until he heard Lola take a deep breath. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived shortly afterward and detected a pulse on Lola. Lisa Foley, Lola’s grandmother, expressed gratitude, declaring Musgrove their hero. Despite Musgrove’s humble stance that he was just doing his job, Foley insisted on recognizing his life-changing actions for their family.

Kayleigh Foley, deeply moved by Musgrove’s heroic efforts, will forever remember the officer’s intervention after enduring a challenging couple of months.

This news has been read 421 times!

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