Here is what you need to know to operate wedding halls in Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 20: The Ministry of Social Affairs has finalized the rules and regulations for operating the wedding halls that were returned to donors and cooperative societies, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources. Sources disclosed the ministry has so far received five requests from donors to restore their halls. Sources also confirmed that the ministry has obtained approval from its Finance counterpart to terminate rental contracts, collect rental fees and entrust the management, maintenance and operation of the halls to donors and cooperative societies.

Following are the proposed rules and regulations, pending final approval and publication in the Official Gazette:

1. For the hall that is in the hands of the donor, cooperative societies or any party with the right to operate and manage it, the person in charge must obtain a maintenance contract covering all maintenance-related works, as well as a firefighting license to renew his contract with the State Properties Department at the Ministry of Finance.

2. The renewal shall be for a period of one year, provided the regulations stated in the first clause are adhered to.

3. Approval of reservations shall be through the Community Development Department after ensuring compliance with the regulations.

4. The recipient of the hall is committed to the provision of regular maintenance, camera system, and everything related to the continuity of work in the hall and its continuous operation.

5. Do not use the hall for unauthorized purposes or events.

6. The donor collects the fees and insurance specified by the ministry for using the hall.

7. The hall is not for buffet companies, restaurants or party organizers.

8. For any violation, the donor shall bear the penalties like a fine or temporary withdrawal of the hall until the violation is addressed. In the event of a repeat violation, the hall with be withdrawn permanently and assigned to another beneficiary in accordance with the regulations.

9. The Community Development Department shall inspect the halls periodically without restrictions, review records, reservation books, reservation contracts, approval of reservations, maintenance contracts, guarantees, firefighting licenses, and the extent of compliance with the rules and regulations.

10. Commitment to holding events authorized by the ministry — marriage, graduation, new baby, new house, promotion, return from treatment, election seminar during election period, Ramadan Ghabqa, Eid, funeral, activities of volunteer teams authorized by the ministry, non-profit, voluntary, cultural, health, educational, distributing in-kind donations with the ministry’s permission, and any occasion approved by the Community Development Department provided it does not violate public morals.

11. Reservation is for Kuwaitis, Gulf nationals, children of Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis, Bedouns, and relatives of a Kuwaiti up to the second degree. Foreigners can use the hall as per the regulations set by the ministry.

12. The beneficiary and donor of the hall must adhere to all circulars and regulations issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

13. Adherence to the rules and regulations of Kuwait Municipality and Kuwait Firefighting Force (KFF).

14. Do not set up tents in front or next to the hall, and do not allow use of the basement.

15. The organizer is allowed to enter the hall at 12:00 noon, and the event ends at 11:00 pm for men’s halls and 2:00 am for women’s halls.

16. Adherence to the Labor Law regarding working hours.

17. Presence of a reservations official in the hall periodically, as well as a security guard and an appropriate number of cleaning workers. This is monitored by the Private Wedding Halls Control Section at the Community Development Department.

18. Commitment to maintenance work once a year in normal cases and when needed in exceptional circumstances, in the event of sudden malfunctions, with the necessity of validating maintenance and cleaning contracts and any contract requested by the ministry.

19. Commitment to ensure that only men use the men’s hall and only women use the women’s, except under circumstances approved by the concerned authorities.

20. The Private Wedding Halls Control Department must confirm the reservations and their conformity with the authorized events, and monitor the extent of the hall’s compliance with the rules and regulations.

21. Obligating the organizer of an event to submit all the required documents like valid civil identification card, document proving the occasion, approval from the Ministry of Interior, and any document requested by the concerned entity.

22. The donor must submit evidence of annual payment of electricity and water fees when requesting to renew the contract, as well as telephone bills valid maintenance contract and a valid firefighting license, as well as contracts for cleaning, guarding and surveillance cameras.

23. Whoever has the management, exploitation and maintenance rights over the hall — whether a donor or a cooperative — must provide an office for the concerned ministry employees in the hall.

24. The ministry’s employees do not have the authority or right to receive amounts from those booking the halls. Their role is only verifying the amount of the reservation and fees and the extent of compliance with the rules and regulations.

25. The person who made the reservation has the right to recover the reservation fee one week before the event. In the event of death up to the second degree, the payment will be refunded without a time limit, in which the deposit will be refunded if the hall is free of damage after the event.

26. It is prohibited to use wedding halls for religious or political forums or for advertising or electoral purposes, without prejudice to National Assembly Election Law number 35/1962.

This news has been read 1544 times!

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