Heartbreaking Christmas: Filipina overseas worker slain upon homecoming

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Canice Minica Seming, a 29-year-old returning OFW for Christmas, was found dead.

PHILIPPINES, Dec 26: In a tragic turn of events in Antipolo City, Canice Minica Seming, a 29-year-old overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who had recently returned home for Christmas, was discovered dead. The incident, reported by Philippine media, unfolded as an unintended consequence of a conflict involving the primary suspect, a carpenter named Art Tondo, and the suspect’s ex-partner, who worked for the victim’s family as a nanny.

According to a report on GMA News “24 Oras,” Seming suffered at least 15 stab wounds, and her lifeless body was found on Thursday (December 21, 2023) inside a relative’s house in an Antipolo City subdivision. Jose Garcia, the victim’s brother-in-law, expressed deep sorrow, stating, “The worst Christmas ever. We were looking forward to having fun this Christmas.”

At the heart of this distressing criminal case stands Art Tondo, a former employee of the Garcia family’s household. Chilling CCTV footage captured Tondo’s ominous presence, roaming the subdivision on that ill-fated night, burdened by a backpack, his hands ominously erasing traces of an unknown truth.

Garcia revealed that Tondo had been asked to take a leave due to previous issues related to money handling and attitude problems. Despite this, theft doesn’t seem to be the motive, as Garcia questioned, “If it was theft, why was only Canice’s phone stolen when her bag, containing her wallet, cards, and even her passport, was right next to her?”

Police investigations unveiled that Tondo was attempting to reconcile with a domestic worker of the Garcias, Tondo’s former partner, who was not present during the crime. This has led investigators to suspect that Seming might have been an accidental victim in what is perceived as a “crime of passion.”

It was also noted that Tondo had a previous criminal record. A “ping” from the victim’s mobile phone, allegedly stolen by the suspect, led to his arrest, as disclosed by Col. Mary Grace Riego Madayag, chief of Mandaluyong Police, to ABS-CBN’s digital TV Patrol.

Seming was the sister of Sey Garcia, the stepmother of renowned Filipina actress Coleen Garcia. Tondo’s apprehension took place in Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City, where authorities cornered him, recognizing him from the haunting image circulating in local news reports. According to a police officer, there seemed to be “no sense of remorse” when Tondo was arrested. Notably, Filipina actress Coleen Garcia has made a passionate appeal for Tondo’s arrest.

This news has been read 1936 times!

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