Healthy lifestyle reduces genetic early death risk by 62%: new study

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Study suggests that a healthy lifestyle can offset genetic early death risk.

NEW YORK, April 30: A new study suggests that adopting a healthy lifestyle may significantly offset the risk of early death, even for individuals with a genetic predisposition towards shorter lifespans.

Lead author Dr. Xue Li, Dean of the School of Public Health at Zhejiang University School of Medicine in China, revealed that a healthy lifestyle could mitigate this risk by approximately 62% among those genetically predisposed.

Published in the journal BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, the report delves into the interplay between lifestyle choices and genetic factors in determining longevity, utilizing data from over 350,000 individuals. Dr. Aladdin Shadyab, Associate Professor of Public Health and Medicine at the University of California San Diego, praised the study’s robust methodology.

However, Shadyab cautioned that the study’s sample primarily consisted of individuals of European ancestry, limiting its generalizability.

Participants received polygenetic risk scores summarizing the impact of multiple genes on lifespan, along with scores based on adherence to healthy lifestyle practices. Over 13 years, researchers tracked participants to assess their lifespan.

Regardless of genetic risk, individuals with unhealthy lifestyles were found to be 78% more likely to die prematurely. Those with both genetic predispositions and unhealthy habits faced double the risk of early death compared to those with healthier lifestyles and no genetic risk.

Interestingly, individuals with genetic predispositions could extend their lifespan by up to 5.5 years through a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Li highlighted four key lifestyle factors associated with reduced risk of early death: abstaining from smoking, regular physical activity, sufficient sleep, and a healthy diet. Adequate sleep was defined as seven to eight hours per night, aligning with current recommendations.

Furthermore, moderate alcohol consumption and adherence to the Mediterranean diet were cited as beneficial for longevity. Establishing a consistent sleep routine and incorporating enjoyable physical activities into daily life were also recommended strategies for promoting a healthier, longer life.

This news has been read 1068 times!

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