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Monday , December 6 2021

Health insurance for expats to increase to KD 130

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 22: The Health Insurance Hospitals Company (Dhaman) affirmed that 50 percent of the company’s shares will be offered as public subscription to citizens at the end of 2021, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting informed sources.

They revealed that the company has already started coordinating with the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) regarding the process of fulfilling the necessary conditions for listing its shares on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, indicating that the completion phase is expected to be completed within the next year.

The sources said, “The company’s board of directors seeks to have the listing on the stock exchange coincide with the start of the full operational phase of the health insurance system in order to ensure the rights of shareholders and achieve greater investment benefits for them.

Dhaman will be the new compulsory health insurance destination for two million residents working in the private sector under visa No. 18, in addition to their registered families. The traditional health insurance will remain to cover the health service fees for government sector workers and domestic workers”.

Sponsorship costs

The sources explained that the company has worked to develop the health insurance system currently in force in Kuwait, which is based on separating health insurance from the health care costs, as the resident currently pays annual health insurance fees and also pays other fees in exchange for services, treatment and medicine. The new Dhaman package covers the various annual insurance fees, such as medical expenses for example, but not limited to the expenses of analyzes, x-rays, laboratory tests, outpatient clinics, treatment, operations, hospitalization and other services.

They said, “The cost of the new compulsory health insurance will be KD 130, which has been approved in accordance with the law”

The sources stressed that the employers are obligated to pay for the health insurance of their expatriate employees, while the fee for medical consultation and opening the file, which is KD 2 per visit, will continue and will not be canceled.

Commercial operations

The sources went on to explain that commercial operations started since last year to meet the requirements of providing primary health care services, through Dhaman centers in Farwaniya and Hawalli  governorates. They are equipped with necessary medical, technical and administrative equipment, and offer a variety of services at prices similar to those of the Ministry of Health for all segments of the society within the framework of the corporate social responsibility and to support the Ministry of Health in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Dhaman hospitals that are currently being built in Ahmadi and Jahra contain 600 beds. The construction of the third hospital, which is in Farwaniya, has begun. The total capacity in all the three hospitals will therefore be 900 beds . This is aimed to lift the burden on the facilities of the Ministry of Health and provide high-quality health services for both citizens and residents.

The sources affirmed that the capacity of Dhaman hospitals will be well suited for the target group, based on the studies conducted and the strategies set.

Dhaman attracts citizens for a fee!

The sources indicated that the health insurance hospitals have a future plan to attract citizens for treatment at their facilities, but with fees, and to provide them with “VIP” services, which means they will be a strong competitor to the private hospitals that provide medical services.

Better services and fast appointments

The sources affirmed that as soon as the Dhaman healthcare system is operational, the services of approximately two million residents in Kuwait will transfer from the Ministry of Health’s facilities to the company’s hospitals, which will contribute to reducing the administrative burden on the Ministry of Health and will thus allow the beneficiaries of the ministry’s facilities better services, through shorter appointments, which will improve the level of service.

MOH’s budget to be reduced

The sources indicated that the transfer of the files of two million residents from the Ministry of Health’s facilities to health insurance hospitals will positively affect the public funds and the Ministry of Health, whose budget has reached KD two billion. With such relocation, the state will provide large sums of money to treat them and provide them with technical personnel.

Dhaman Hospitals … in numbers

– Two million insurance policies for residents registered under article 18 of the Residency Law, which includes employees of the private sector and their families.
– KD 130 fee per resident for compulsory annual health insurance.
– KD 360 million annual income expected.
– Three hospitals under construction – first in Ahmadi Governorate, second in Jahra Governorate and third in Farwaniya Governorate.
– The total area of each hospital is 82,000 square meters. Each consists of five floors and a basement. There will be 14 operating theatres and 21 intensive care units in each hospital, and 500 parking spots.
– Bed capacity of each hospital is 300
– 7,000 qualified medical and administrative personnel will be employed.
– The period of transferring patients from the facilities of the Ministry of Health to Dhaman hospitals is 24 months.

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