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‘Health’ activates control over dispensing medicines, prescriptions

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Sudden inventory in pharmacies one of measures

KUWAIT CITY, July 30: The Ministry of Health is taking practical steps, within the framework of control of drug dispensing and disbursement saying it is subject to strict controls, reports Al-Rai daily. The sources added “the Ministry of Health will soon start activating a mechanism that enables the citizen to know which medicines are being used on his civil number.” This is done to eliminate any aspect of mismanagement and misuse.

The sources explained that “among the measures is making a sudden inventory in hospital pharmacies from time to time, reviewing some prescriptions and taking random samples on a bi-monthly and monthly basis, for further scrutiny, to ensure that officials in those pharmacies adhere to the rules and regulations and also to ensure medicines are not dispensing indiscriminately without authorization.

The sources pointed out that “among the measures also, are activating the computerization systems of the pharmaceutical sector and the automatic linkage between hospitals and health centers on the one hand, and the management of medical warehouses on the other hand, as well as the electronic linkage between pharmacies of health facilities and treating doctors,” stressing that “in the event of any seizure of any person who dispenses medicines to those who do not deserve it, legal measures will be taken against him directly.”

5 procedures that have been put in place – a sudden inventory of hospital pharmacies, random sampling of prescriptions, activating the automatic link between hospitals, centers and warehouses; enabling the citizen to know which medicines are taken using his civil number and direct legal procedures against those who dispense medicines to those who are not entitled to them.

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