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Hawkers selling wares near signals are beggars: official

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 18: Chairman of the Emergency Team at Capital Municipality Zaid Al-Enezi disclosed that hawkers who sell wares in the surrounding areas of traffic lights and roundabouts are categorized as “beggars”, reports Al- Rai daily.

In an interview with the daily, Al-Enezi said beggars are not regarded as hawkers of wares, because the activity is devoid of displaying wares at locations approved by the Municipality, which begging is not included. He denied assumption that the Municipality is slack in its duties concerning the eviction of bachelors from private and model residential areas.

He assured all complaints received in the governorate were prosecuted in line with Decree No. 125/1992 that prohibits bachelors from living in model and residential areas. He stressed the procedure includes establishing the status of the alleged bachelor through an official letter to the Ministry of Interior for research and investigation.

This is based on assumption that the Municipality will deal with the landlord, and in case it is confirmed that bachelors are residing in a building, an arrest order will be issued and power disconnection to the building will be sought.

However, majority of responses proved the complaints after detecting the occupants are families, he said, indicating a total of 346 complaints were dealt with in the governorate, while each of the complaints have separate files. He said the officials were able to evict tenants from 141 buildings and disconnected electricity from 12 others where the Interior Ministry confirmed the occupants were bachelors. He added it is against the law to organize a musical show in restaurants and café joints, because the rule of law applies to everybody without an exemption.

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