Hasty decision to shut down schools in Kuwait due to rain criticized

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KUWAIT CITY, March 25: The Ministry of Education’s abrupt decision to suspend inperson schooling and transition to online learning via the ‘Teams’ program due to rainfall has drawn criticism from various quarters, reports Al- Jarida daily. The decision, perceived as illogical and disruptive, has raised concerns about the preparedness of students and teachers for such a shift and the efficacy of online education compared to in-person classes. Critics argue that the decision to suspend schools based on rainfall, which did not pose any imminent danger, reflects a lack of foresight and disregard for the importance of classroom instruction. They highlight the challenges faced by students and teachers in accessing and utilizing the online learning platform, particularly as many were not adequately prepared for such a sudden transition.

Moreover, concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of distance learning compared to traditional classroom teaching, with many asserting that online education fails to provide the same level of benefit. The low participation rate in the Teams program further underscores the impracticality of relying solely on remote learning methods, especially when faced with technical difficulties and lack of experience among teachers. The Ministry’s decision has also sparked frustration among educators who feel undersupported, particularly regarding internet access and device provision. The absence of screen allowances for teachers during the pandemic further compounds their grievances, as they are now required to conduct remote classes without adequate compensation.

While the Ministry cited concerns for student safety based on weather forecasts, critics argue that the decision was disproportionate and unnecessary, given the relatively mild weather conditions. They emphasize the need for more considered and evidence-based approaches to decision-making, especially regarding educational matters that impact students’ learning and development. As the debate continues, the Ministry faces scrutiny over its handling of the situation and calls for more thoughtful and transparent decision-making processes in the future.

This news has been read 4651 times!

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