Harms of fake goods

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 9: The participants in a workshop emphasized the life and legal risks associated with counterfeit products at an event organized by lawyer Muhammad Lafta Al-Shammari’s office in collaboration with “Menassa Intellectual Property and Rights Management,” and representatives from Mercedes-Benz cars, reports Al-Rai daily. Rashid Al-Owaihan, the Trademark and Patent Controller at the Ministry of Commerce, highlighted the importance of protecting intellectual property through registration. He emphasized that intellectual property protection benefits citizens, merchants, and society as a whole.

Al-Owaihan pointed out that individuals harmed by counterfeit products can sue the sellers, and the original trademark owner can also take legal action against counterfeiters. Mahmoud Hassan Mufarrej, the director of trademark protection at the organizing law firm, mentioned their extensive experience in trademark protection and collaboration with Mercedes’ parent company.

The workshop aimed to educate consumers about the dangers of counterfeit products, which can lead to life-threatening consequences. Alaa Qaffaf, the Menasa company representative, stated that the workshop’s goal is to help participants differentiate between genuine and counterfeit Mercedes car spare parts. Selling counterfeit products carries legal penalties, and such goods are destroyed due to the threat they pose to consumer safety.

This news has been read 1104 times!

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