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Saturday , October 1 2022

‘Hala February considered as first-class marketing festival’

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 22: Director General of Shiraa Company for Project Management Eng Talal Al-Muhanna praised the vital role played by 2016 Hala February festival in encouraging small enterprises, affirming that the festival is comprehensive and is considered as a first-class marketing festival that highlights the name of Kuwait in the tourism sector. In his statement to the media committee of the 2016 Hala February festival, he stressed the importance of such festivals for the small companies, as it contributes in attracting different types of customers and is a main element for increasing sales.

Eng Al-Muhanna said it is possible to benefit from the festival by organizing exhibitions to induct initiatives and encourage owners of small enterprises, affirming that, “The small enterprises constitute one of the economical work mechanisms. All countries around the world strive to encourage and support small and medium enterprises as a way of diversifying income”.

Chief Executive Officer of Sabaek Al-Kuwaiti Company for Precious Metals Rajab Hamed said the gold market is counting on Hala February Festival 2016 to recover the losses it has incurred because of the remarkable oil price decline. Hamed confirmed that gold sales usually increase during the festival every year when Kuwait attracts thousands of visitors who largely contribute to the sales. He expects the price of gold will be stable, explaining that it is almost impossible to witness price hikes in the gold market due to federal pressure to increase profits four times at the beginning of this year.

Member of the Higher Committee and Chairman of the Media Committee of 2016 Hala February Festival Walid Mohammad Al-Saqa’abi stressed that the committee is committed to organizing series of religious and cultural activities along with social activities. Affirming that the 17th Hala February sponsored by Ooredoo will impress citizens and expatriates, he declared that the festival has always been exerting efforts to meet the expectations of the people who have been clamoring for enriching their religious awareness, which will be done through series of evening programs by notable clerics and preachers. Al-Saqa’abi explained that the first religious evening program will be held on Feb 1 and will be hosted by Dr Khalid Al-Jubair from Saudi Arabia. Sheikh Sultan Al-Dughailbi from Qatar and Sheikh Sulaiman Al-Jubailan from Saudi Arabia will host the second evening program on Feb 3. All evening programs will be broadcast live on Kuwait TV (KTV).

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