Gulf Bank and INJAZ Announce 2024 Company Program Competition Winners

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Kuwait City, May 12: INJAZ, Kuwait concluded the Company Program competition for the year 2024, sponsored by Gulf Bank. The competition took place over two days at the American University of the Middle East (AUM), during which the judging committee announced 12 winning projects from among the competing teams in various categories, including universities and school students.

Gulf Bank, the primary sponsor of the Company Program, recognized the winning teams in front of a large audience consisting of students, parents, volunteers, school teachers, and representatives from supporting companies and organizations.

Continuing its commitment to supporting youth and its long-standing partnership with INJAZ, Gulf Bank acknowledged the top two companies among the winners. These are “Ni’ma”, which won the Best Student Company award in 2024, and Flash the winner in the High School Students’ category. This recognition qualifies them to represent Kuwait in the regional Company Program competition involving 14 Arab countries, scheduled to be held in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, during the last quarter of the current year.

Gulf Bank

Ms. Najla Al-Eisa, Gulf Bank’s Deputy General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer, expressed, “We extend our congratulations to “Ni’ma” and Flash for their well-deserved achievement of winning the Best Company Award for 2024. We commend the pivotal role that INJAZ plays in organizing this annual competition.”

Al-Eisa highlighted Gulf Bank’s yearly dedication to sponsoring the training provided by INJAZ for the winning projects of the Company Program competition. These projects represent Kuwait in the upcoming regional Achievements competition, scheduled to take place in (Country) next month, with the participation of 14 Arab countries.

She further remarked, “At Gulf Bank, we are proud of our enduring partnership with INJAZ spanning the past 18 years. Throughout this time, we have embraced and supported numerous ideas and companies, some of which have now become integral parts of Kuwait’s current economic and business environment.”

Al-Eisa reaffirmed Gulf Bank’s dedication to nurturing youth by supporting and enhancing their professional skills, empowering them to adapt to the evolving demands of the local and global job markets. This commitment aligns with Gulf Bank’s 2025 strategy, prioritizing youth, and Kuwait Vision 2035, which highlights the significance of investing in young talents.

She mentioned that the Company Program competition is very popular among high school and university students. It gives them a unique chance to gain practical experience in starting and managing a real company. This is supported and sponsored by major institutions, with Gulf Bank in the forefront.

Al-Eisa also pointed out the fruitful collaboration between Gulf Bank and INJAZ, which led to the training of around 18,000 students throughout the academic year 2023/2024. This training encompassed diverse educational levels, ranging from primary school to university, including recent graduates.

INJAZ, Kuwait

The CEO of INJAZ, Ms. Laila Hilal Al-Mutairi, praised the performance of the competing students. She highlighted that the trust of private sector institutions, companies, and supporting bodies is a key factor contributing to the ongoing success of INJAZ Kuwait.

She pointed out that the partnership with Gulf Bank is exceptional, being a strategic partnership that has lasted for many years. Gulf Bank plays a vital role in supporting the INJAZ’s initiatives by providing volunteers, and contributing to the delivery of training programs to students.

She also mentioned, “Throughout its journey, INJAZ has provided training to over 120,000 students through various programs, focusing on enhancing youth skills in three key areas: Employability, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. At INJAZ, we are dedicated to consistently providing resources that empower young people and prepare them to overcome future challenges.

It is important to mention that INJAZ Kuwait is a member of the global network of Junior Achievement Worldwide, a non-profit, non-governmental organization supported by Kuwait’s private sector. Through strategic collaborations with Kuwait’s business and education sectors, and with the assistance of skilled volunteers, INJAZ provides educational programs in both Arabic and English languages focused on entrepreneurial and leadership skills, aiming to foster successful careers.

Honoring the Judging Committee

The judging panel, headed by Ms. Najla Al-Eisa, the General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer from Gulf Bank, recognized and honored the participants in the Company Program competition.

Prominent Role of Gulf Bank Volunteers

Gulf Bank volunteers played a crucial role in guiding and supporting university and school students involved in the Company Program competition at every stage of the project. Additionally, they conducted programs like mentoring sessions and mock interviews for university students.

What is the Company Program?

The Company Program teaches students entrepreneurial skills, prepares them for the job market, and provides them with financial literacy. Tailored for both secondary and university students, it offers the chance to establish and run a real company.

Students go through the complete stages of starting a new project; starting with a business plan, feasibility studies, team building, fundraising, and finally innovating a product or service and selling it.

Programs and Training Courses

The list of programs and training courses offered by INJAZ Kuwait includes:

  • How to Start
  • Innovation Camp Workshop
  • Company Program
  • Little Innovator Workshop
  • INJAZ Talks
  • Lifetime Project
  • My Career Path
  • Datathon

This news has been read 614 times!

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