Guidelines for Girgian Celebrations Issued

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KUWAIT CITY, March 20: In preparation for the upcoming “Girgian” event during Ramadan, the Ministry of Interior emphasizes the importance of traffic control and public safety. The General Administration of Relations and Security Media urges citizens and residents to refrain from organizing events in residential areas and squares. Additionally, the ministry advises against using vehicles, entertainment vehicles, bands, and food trucks in these areas, as such activities can disrupt traffic flow and pose risks to children.

Parents are urged to closely supervise their children and not rely solely on domestic workers. They are also reminded to adhere to security and traffic instructions. The Ministry of Interior assures continuous communication with the public and vows to take legal action against violators.

Drivers are reminded to exercise caution, especially on internal roads, and to adhere to speed limits for the safety of all road users. The ministry has devised a security and traffic plan for Ramadan, deploying fixed and mobile security patrols across all governorates to ensure everyone’s security and safety.

This news has been read 2250 times!

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