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Wednesday , September 28 2022

Gratuity for house workers?

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 14: Head of the Voluntary Committee to Follow-up on the Conditions of Domestic Workers, Bassam Al-Shimmari, said a legal study prepared by the Domestic Workers Department in the Public Authority for Manpower regarding the workers’ entitlement to the end of service according to the laws and regulating procedures show there is interference in the course of their work by some foreign embassies in the country, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Shimmari said, “The authority has asked the legal department to study the end-of-service entitlement for the domestic workers in the event no contracts have been concluded between the worker and the sponsor, which happens when the sponsorship of the worker is transferred from one sponsor to another or when the basic contract expires after two years and the person moves to work elsewhere.”

The official stated that the legal response from the specialists in the authority was that “the domestic worker does not deserve the end of service, as long as there is no contract in accordance with the recognized principles, through the unified contract of the authority,” noting that the terms of reference overlap and allow the General Administration of Residence Affairs to transfer the worker without the latter returning to the Department of Domestic Labor, which is the main reason why the worker loses his/ her labor rights. He pointed out that the worker follows the Department of Domestic Labor, from the time he/she enters the country until the end of his/her contract with the office for the recruitment of domestic workers and the sponsor, known as the triple contract, but once transferred during or after the contract period, the original contract becomes null and void, and thus the worker loses the end of service benefits as stipulated by law — one month’s salary for each year

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