GPT-4o Goes Free: OpenAI Brings Advanced Chatbot Features to All

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OpenAI Introduces Free GPT-4o Model with Advanced Features

Last week, OpenAI launched GPT-4o, their latest model, offering groundbreaking features like Voice Mode, which turns ChatGPT into a smart assistant akin to Samantha from the movie Her. The new model, including Voice Mode, is available to all users for free, marking a first for OpenAI.

Previously, only paying subscribers to ChatGPT Plus had access to the latest models and additional features. Now, OpenAI is providing many of these formerly exclusive features to free users. While there are some limitations, such as message caps, the free tier now includes data analysis, file uploads, vision, and web browsing—features tied to GPT-4o.

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Free users can now also access GPTs and the GPT Store, which offer custom-built versions of ChatGPT for specific tasks. Memory, another previously paid feature, is now available for free, allowing ChatGPT to remember past conversations.

Despite the limitations on message usage for free users, most will find the free tier sufficient for their needs. The GPT-3.5 model remains useful for simple tasks, while GPT-4o handles more complex requests. For those requiring extensive use, the paid tier offers significantly higher message limits, but the free version now provides a robust suite of tools for occasional users.

This news has been read 2557 times!

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