Government’s cybersecurity policy on the digital transformation agenda

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Expert gathering: National agencies convene to discuss cybersecurity measures

The file photo of  a previous meeting of the Digital Transformation Enabling Committee.

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 7: The Parliamentary Committee responsible for advancing digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity within government institutions is actively progressing in its efforts. Today, on Thursday, the committee is focusing on the cybersecurity domain and the government’s policy pertaining to it. The discussion encompasses the examination of strategies, plans, and goals set by government agencies in the realms of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

Aligned with contemporary advancements, the committee is delving into the utilization of modern technology to enhance administrative, service, and technical affairs across state sectors. It is also assessing the preparedness of national cadres to navigate these technologies. Furthermore, the committee is scrutinizing the interconnection of the central apparatus among government agencies, emphasizing the establishment of a shared database. Additionally, the efficiency and capability of government electronic systems in thwarting cyber attacks and predicting their occurrences are under review.

The meeting will be attended by specialists from key entities such as the National Center for Cybersecurity, the Central Agency for Information Technology, and the Communications and Information Technology Commission. Teams overseeing applications like Sahel, Sahel Business, Tawasul, and Wasel will also be present.

Moreover, the Legislative Committee has extended invitations to representatives for today’s meeting, addressing seven agenda items. These topics exclusively pertain to proposed laws concerning the redefinition of electoral districts for National Assembly membership.

This news has been read 751 times!

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