Government pushes for rapid solutions of traffic solutions

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Kuwait Municipality directed to expedite traffic congestion solutions.

KUWAIT CITY, June 11: In a decisive move to tackle the escalating traffic congestion, the Kuwait Municipality has received a directive from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to expedite the implementation of recommendations put forth by the Ministry of Interior. These recommendations aim to alleviate the traffic crisis and enhance road safety across the country.

The Ministry of Interior has outlined a comprehensive plan to address the issue, including the acceleration of decision-making processes, completion of a pending feasibility study, and the establishment of the Kuwait Metro rapid transportation system. This project, although conceived long ago, has gained renewed focus as part of the government’s serious commitment to long-term traffic solutions.

Key recommendations involve:

  1. Kuwait Metro Project: The project has remained under wraps for years and is now being prioritized. The municipality has been tasked with swiftly addressing the gaps in the feasibility study to pave the way for the metro system, which is seen as a critical response to the country’s rapid population growth.
  2. Road Network Development: The Ministry of Public Works has been urged to implement approved road network projects, such as upgrades to the Second, Third, and Fourth Ring Roads, Damascus Street, and the Fahaheel Expressway. Necessary budgets are to be allocated promptly to ensure timely completion.
  3. Mass Transportation Operations: Efforts are underway to enhance the regulatory and legislative framework governing mass transportation. This includes supervising bus operations and other public transportation systems to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

During a meeting held on March 3, 2024, at Seif Palace, representatives from various concerned authorities, including the General Traffic Department, reviewed the critical factors contributing to traffic congestion. The meeting highlighted the urgent need to finalize relevant decisions and complete infrastructure projects.

Additionally, the Ministry of Interior emphasized Kuwait’s stringent driver’s license issuance policies. Despite these measures, the severe traffic congestion indicates an imbalance between transportation demand and road network capacity.

In response to these challenges, the Roads and Land Transport Authority has been asked to conduct a comprehensive traffic study, incorporating previous analyses of key roads like the Second, Third, and Fourth Ring Roads and the Fahaheel Expressway. However, the authority cited a lack of specialized national cadres and the municipality’s need to update the traffic model.

Efforts to find temporary solutions for the Fourth Ring Road, including using traffic count data for planning, are also underway. The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers continues to coordinate with relevant bodies to ensure the effective implementation of these initiatives.

The government’s proactive stance signifies a major step towards resolving Kuwait’s traffic woes, promising significant improvements in urban mobility and road safety for its citizens.4o

This news has been read 742 times!

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