Google Maps’ First Ghost Emerges From a Cemetery

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In the eerie realms of a popular mapping service, a vigilant woman from New Hampshire sent shivers down the spines of online paranormal enthusiasts. Amy Pendleton, in a chilling TikTok clip, claimed to have stumbled upon what could be Google Maps’ first ghost.

Guiding viewers to Google the Gilson Cemetery in Nashua, New Hampshire, known as a gathering place for ghosthunters, Pendleton unveils a ghostly figure in a 360 panorama view. A mysterious, blurred-face entity looms behind stone walls, resembling a middle-aged man with a sinister gaze, reminiscent of occult horror.

But the spectral surprises don’t end there. In a follow-up, another shadowy figure materializes behind the wall, prompting Pendleton to exclaim, “That’s a ghost for sure,” accompanied by the haunting notes of the “Ghostbusters” theme.

The paranormal revelation sparked a flurry of comments among believers, with one suggesting it could be the swift grave keeper. Skeptics questioned if it was merely a blurry figure or someone walking. Pendleton herself raised doubts, mentioning Google’s habit of editing out people caught by their car, questioning if it was just a bush.

Regardless of authenticity, Gilson Cemetery has a long history of haunted tales. The graveyard has become a hotspot for chilling phenomena, from glowing lights and inexplicable fog to screams and encounters with mysterious entities. Among the eerie sightings is a supposed hole in the grave of Walter Gilson, who died in 1811 at the tender age of five.

Speculations suggest that a bullet might have caused the crater, while others entertain the idea that it was intentionally drilled into the stone. In November, internet detectives were puzzled by a bizarre Google Street View snapshot, seemingly portraying a nearly nude, limp-armed entity in Utah.

This news has been read 3704 times!

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