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Monday , October 25 2021

‘Going to moon easier than to Sharq’ – Time lost in finding parking place

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 3: Obtaining a space to park a car in some parts of downtown Kuwait City has become a daily torment, particularly in the areas of ‘old Kuwait’, considered the heart of the Capital, reports Al-Rai daily. Sharq, which derives its name from its location east of the Al-Seif Palace, which extends over an area of 3,030 square kilometers and forms the pulsating artery of the Kuwaiti economy, as it contains the main headquarters of the most important companies and banks in Kuwait, as well as hotels and complexes, this artery is about to get blocked, and threatens to stop the business activity.

‘Going to moon easier than to Sharq’

The story begins every morning, described by some workers in the busiest area in Kuwait, that “it has become easier to get to the moon than to get a parking space” since the area is full of landmarks and vital for business activity. Many complain about time being lost in finding a place to park a car and they blame the many skyscrapers for not providing sufficient space to park vehicles, particularly for their employees while the East Industrial Area is full of shops including blacksmiths, car repair garages and some selling car spare parts which add to the woes of people.

Many of those heading to the Sharq region, which includes Qibla, Murqab and Dasman where generations have grown up before the discovery of oil, either to work or to complete their transactions or to shop, do not now find places to park their cars, and this scenario calls on the concerned authority to tighten control on buildings which do not comply with laws and one of them failure to provide car parking spaces.

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