Monday , September 25 2023

GOC labor union official ‘decries’ number of death cases of workers – Company held responsible

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KUWAIT CITY, June 24: Deputy Chairman of Labor Union at Gulf Oil Company Osama Shamsudeen says the workers of the oil company are witnessing tragedies one after the other. A number of their colleagues in the Wafra Joint Operation Zone have died, the latest case being the death of their colleague Ghanem Al-Hajri due to negligence of the management in providing basic human rights – treating an injury incurred by an employee while on duty, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

During a press conference, he stressed that a life can be saved if necessary medical procedures are taken into consideration at the workplace. Shamsudeen held the company fully responsible for the increased number of death cases among its employees due to lack of required medical facilities that should be available as stated by the labor law.

This is a clear violation of articles 83 and 86 of the private sector labor law. He reiterated that the responsibility for the increased number of human losses at Wafra Joint Operation Zone in the past phase should be shouldered by the management of the company due to its negligence and slackness in availing an integrated medical unit as well as the unavailability of equipped ambulances. Shamsudeen affi rmed that the employees are devastated especially since one of their colleagues died when he could be saved if necessary facilities were available. He revealed that the employees are worried over the recurrence of the incidents without any response from the management of the company. He bemoaned the deterioration of the situation, as the management is not paying attention.