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‘Give jobs to young Kuwaiti engineers’

KUWAIT CITY, April 5: The President of the Petroleum and Petrochemical Workers Union, Muhammad Al-Hajri has called on the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) to accept all engineers who passed the tests. In a message addressed to the CEO of the KPC, Al-Hajri said in light of the appetite of the corporation and its subsidiaries for important and vital new projects, the company needs young Kuwaitis who are capable of operating and contributing to raising production and increasing operational efficiency in light of the Kuwaiti engineers passing the tests and the conditions for appointment. He pointed out that the KPC focus on the terms of employment announcement for the unemployed engineers to contribute to solving the unemployment crisis afflicting the state.

Al-Hajri called on the KPC to make a request for the employment budget through the Budgets and Final Account Committee of the National Assembly if budget is the reason for not accepting these numbers, but said, the KPC must assume its responsibility to solve the unemployment crisis by accepting the graduates. Kuwait Municipality recently signed two memorandums of cooperation with Kuwait Cement and Petroleum Chemical Industries for the management and recycling of waste in order to protect the environment, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Director of the Municipality Ahmad Al-Manfouhi disclosed this will take effect from the date of signing the memorandums which are valid for one year. He said such cooperation comes within the framework of the Municipality’s endeavors and vision in implementing a good and integrated mechanism for the management of waste including the collection, transportation, disposal and treatment of waste in accordance with the regulations.

By Fares Al-Abdan Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

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