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Wednesday , August 10 2022

Give jobs to Kuwaiti engineers – Expat workers fled Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, March 25: The head of the National Petroleum Company’s Workers Union, Muhammad Al-Hajri, called on the head of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and the heads of oil companies to accept all Kuwaiti engineers who currently pass the tests to fill vacancies in various oil sector companies. Al-Hajri said in a press statement these engineers, whom he called the sons of Kuwait, have been without work for 3 years, waiting for an opening in the oil sector, in light of the incapacitating condition that prevented them from applying for appointment in the oil sector, and called for the abolition of this condition. He added that this incapacitating condition prevents these distinguished competent Kuwaiti engineers from playing their role in building our homeland.

Al-Hajri recalled how low-qualified foreign workers hit the interests of Kuwait and fl ed the country with the beginning of the Corona crisis, while the competent national workforce (Kuwaiti youth operated all installations and projects, whether existing or new, to the fullest and with the highest degree of global competence). Al-Hajri called for expediting the appointment of all those who passed the tests, especially since they are citizens and deserve to be appointed because they hold graduation certificates from Kuwait University or prestigious international universities.

He explained the real national investment is investment in the human element, and added, “We are in an oil-producing country, and it but necessary that we are self-sufficient with skilled national workers to such an extent that we should be in a position to export them to the neighboring countries.” He added, “We will continue to support the appointment of national competencies, the sons of this country, until they are all accepted in the various facilities of the oil sector and its companies, because they are the most deserving and worthy of preserving the nation’s capabilities and wealth.”

By Faris Al-Abdan Al-Seyassah Staff

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