GCC Grand Tours: New tourist visa for extended stay across GCC

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GCC Grand Tours: Schengen-style visa for GCC travel introduced.

DUBAI, May 8: During the inaugural day of the Arabian Travel Market, UAE Minister of Economy Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri revealed plans for a unified Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) tourist visa, to be known as ‘GCC Grand Tours’. This visa will permit travelers to explore all six GCC countries and stay in the region for more than 30 days.

Al-Marri emphasized the significance of this development in simplifying travel logistics and bolstering tourism across the GCC. He stated, “Thanks to the GCC Grand Tours that we are working on and intend to complete, we will enable tourists to spend over 30 days in the region.”

The introduction of this unified visa is expected to enhance convenience and affordability for tourists while stimulating activity and employment within the region.

Although an official launch date for the unified GCC visa was not provided, Khalid Jasim Al Midfa of the Sharjah Trade and Tourism Authority indicated that the system should be operational by the end of the year. Al Midfa highlighted the collaborative efforts across GCC countries, particularly focusing on digital transformation and e-services to streamline the visa process while maintaining safety measures.

Al Midfa underscored the immense tourism potential within the region, stressing the importance of leveraging this potential to drive economic growth. He projected a significant contribution to the regional GDP over the coming years through enhanced tourism initiatives.

Furthermore, Al Marri shared promising statistics regarding the UAE’s tourism sector, citing a study by the World Travel and Tourism Council. He noted the sector’s robust contribution to the UAE’s GDP and expressed optimism for its continued growth, aiming to surpass pre-pandemic levels.

Al-Marri concluded by expressing ambitious regional aspirations, aiming not only to recover but to exceed previous benchmarks, emphasizing the pivotal role of tourism in driving economic development across the GCC.

This news has been read 794 times!

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