From Japan to the US: Jimmy Kimmel’s hygiene journey

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Jimmy Kimmel

LOS ANGELES, April 3: Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel recently shared how a trip to Japan with his family reshaped his perspective on cleanliness, remarking on the stark contrast he observed between hygiene standards in Japan and those in the United States. Speaking on Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” he humorously reflected on his newfound appreciation for Japanese cleanliness and the perceived shortcomings in his home country.

Before embarking on his seven-day trip to Japan, Kimmel admitted to assuming that the US was relatively clean, albeit with areas for improvement. However, his experience in Japan quickly challenged this perception. He expressed amazement at the immaculate state of Japanese bathrooms, noting that they surpassed even the cleanliness of operating rooms in the US.

Kimmel particularly praised the cleanliness of bathrooms at Japanese truck stops, humorously comparing them to actress Jennifer Garner’s teeth. He humorously contrasted the pristine environment of Japan to the comparatively unkempt nature of the US, likening the former to Disneyland and the latter to Six Flags.

Another aspect that impressed Kimmel was the disciplined approach of Tokyo residents towards littering, despite the absence of public trash cans following the 1995 sarin gas attacks. He marveled at how locals adhered to the practice of cleaning up after themselves, contrasting it with what he perceived as a lack of civic responsibility in the US.

Japan’s reputation for cleanliness is well-known internationally, with public bathrooms often becoming a subject of fascination for tourists due to their advanced features like automatic bidets and heated seats. The country’s focus on hygiene extends beyond personal spaces, as demonstrated by instances like the Japanese national team cleaning their dressing room and fans tidying up the stadium during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Kimmel’s experience in Japan reflects a broader trend of increasing tourism to the country, driven in part by a weak yen and a robust post-pandemic recovery. As Japan continues to welcome visitors, its commitment to cleanliness and hygiene remains a distinguishing feature that leaves a lasting impression on travelers like Kimmel.

This news has been read 931 times!

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