From iconic host to special guest: David Letterman’s memorable return to ‘Late Show’

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Stephen Colbert and David Letterman.

LOS ANGELES, Nov 21, (Agencies): In 2015, David Letterman concluded his 22-year stint as the host of The Late Show, passing the torch to Stephen Colbert, who stepped into the iconic role with great responsibility. This Monday marked Letterman’s inaugural return to the Ed Sullivan Theater as a guest on Colbert’s Late Show, greeted by an outpouring of love and cheers from an enthusiastic audience.

As Colbert introduced Letterman onto the stage, the crowd erupted in cheers and chants, expressing their admiration for the former host. Despite previous rumors suggesting a strained relationship, the interaction between the two late-night giants showcased nothing but camaraderie. Their friendly and extensive conversation revolved around a central theme reiterated by Colbert: hosting a talk show is a peculiar job that many people find challenging to comprehend.

Throughout their discussion, the duo explored various topics, ranging from their initial meeting where Colbert sought advice from Letterman before assuming the hosting duties, to the secret spots in the Ed Sullivan Theater where they could escape from producers for a moment of respite. Notably, Letterman’s appearance on the show wasn’t geared towards promoting anything specific, except for a heartfelt birthday shout-out to his wife, Regina Lasko. The conversation provided a delightful insight into the legacy of the late-night legend and the profound impact he has had on his successor.

When asked about what he misses most about hosting The Late Show, Letterman openly admitted, “I miss everything.” Reflecting on the unique joy of the job, he shared his perspective, stating, “Mostly it’s fun. Very few things in life offer the opportunity—if I may speak for myself—to try again 24 hours later after making a mistake. And that’s a pretty good device.” Adding a touch of humor, Letterman remarked, “Then, when you do something you’re really proud of, you think, ‘Let’s do that again!’ And six or seven years later, you have that experience once more.”

The emotional peak of the night, especially for fans of the former Late Show host, occurred toward the end of their interview when Letterman requested Colbert’s permission to take a photo behind the desk for old-time’s sake.

This news has been read 258 times!

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