From gardens to roadsides: Over 650,000 seedlings for winter cultivation

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 21, (Agencies): In response to high demand from gardening and agricultural enthusiasts, Al-Omaria Nursery officially kicked off the winter season seedling sales for 2023. This special season, authorized by the General Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, extends until the year’s end.

A photo of the Omaria Nursery with different types of seedlings.

The nursery is currently offering 650,000 seedlings encompassing 80 plant, tree, and crop varieties, with plans to increase the total to one million by the season’s conclusion. The seedlings are priced nominally, often at just 10% of their commercial nursery value.

Al-Omaria is committed to providing a diverse range of seedlings suitable for cultivation in various settings, including homes, gardens, roadsides, and open ground. The nursery also offers guidance, and advice, and actively participates in agricultural experiments to develop new varieties capable of withstanding Kuwait’s climatic conditions.

The most sought-after trees include the palm of Maryam, arak, and sidr plants, while funcrosa and marigold plants are highly requested for flowers. In the fruit category, Jassim figs, raspberries, mint plants, and basil are popular choices, along with various fruit tree seedlings like oranges, grapes, and mulberries. Additionally, the nursery offers seedlings for rose trees such as oleanders and gorse, as well as various ornamental plants.

This news has been read 600 times!

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