From Arya Stark to Catherine Dior: Maisie Williams’ 25-pound weight loss revelation in New Look

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Maisie Williams.

LOS ANGELES, Feb 8, (Agencies): Maisie Williams underwent a significant transformation for her upcoming role in The New Look, portraying Catherine Dior. The 26-year-old Game of Thrones alum revealed in a recent interview that she embraced a major physical change, including shaving her head and losing about 25 pounds, to authentically embody the character of Christian Dior’s younger sister.

Williams shared insights into her dedicated preparation for the role, disclosing that she followed a disciplined routine of minimal eating, regular meditation, and creating a serene environment with candles and incense in her apartment. The weight loss process was closely monitored by a team of medical professionals who conducted regular heart rate checks and blood tests. Williams explained that a significant portion of her weight loss was achieved through intense sweating just before filming.

Amid sleepless nights, Williams found solace in listening to the audiobook of the series’ source material, Miss Dior: A Story of Courage and Couture. However, she admitted that her altered sleep cycles also brought on nightmares, aligning with the experiences of Catherine Dior, the WWII French resistance fighter. Williams described these dreams as feeling “restricted” and akin to “sleep paralysis,” involving unsettling visions of men in uniform and a sense of being trapped and attacked.

Highlighting the contrast with her previous iconic role as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, Williams emphasized how Catherine’s character dictated every aspect of her life, from dietary choices to movement, sleep, and even thoughts. In contrast, Arya required a focus on building different muscles. Maisie Williams’ dedication to transforming herself for The New Look showcases her commitment to bringing authenticity and depth to her roles.

This news has been read 594 times!

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