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Wednesday , January 27 2021

‘Fraud and various other crimes in society have increased this year’

Capital governorate accounts for 60 pc

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 15: As if everything was questionable and prone to counterfeiting the truth and falsifying it, this was not the case in the jurisprudence of the judiciary, which is given the title of ‘truth’, which in recent years has exposed unimaginable scandals and atrocities, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Over the past 12 months, frauds in society have increased which is seen as a nightmare, impersonation and various other crimes which our society was not used to, says the daily.

This fraud has become a way of life for some people, who by hook or crook want to climb the ladder of success to make financial gains paying no attention to justice and bypassing those who have been struggling for years to realize their dreams and earn what they deserve.

The latest statistics obtained by the daily and published for the first time show there are 5 crimes including 3 frauds are committed daily in Kuwait, which this year until date has registered a total of 1,100 cases involving 1,700 persons.

Ironically, the highest percentages of frauds are committed in the Capital governorate which account for 60 percent, and the others in the rest of the governorates.

This may be attributed to the concentration of government agencies, namely the ministries complex in the Capital. Next comes the Farwaniya Governorate with 18 percent and Ahmadi 7 percent and Jahra five percent.

It is noted that in 2018, the rate of receiving reports of suspicions of corruption, the number of referrals to the Public Prosecution, in the fight against corruption, the prosecution of perpetrators, the recovery of funds and proceeds resulting from its practice, and the fight against bribery, which cost the Kuwaiti economy $ 2.1 billion annually.

On March 12, former leaders and supervisors of the Ministry of Health were referred to the Attorney General, because there were suspicions of corruption in the file of the Chest Hospital.

Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah also referred to the Prosecution based on Audit Bureau reports and the Budget and Final Accounts Committee of the National Assembly several employees (including former) of the Ministry of Interior to ministerial investigation committee for misappropriation of fund in the ministry’s ‘Hospitality’ file.

In late September, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah said that one of the aircraft supply contractors had been referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office after revealing a suspicion of public money.

In late July, 20 Kuwaiti women were charged with obtaining fake certificates, and a lawyer and a director of a company were charged with forging certificates. Apart from these figures, what has been revealed by recent fraud crimes has caused a stir in the Kuwaiti society, and the threat of interrogations is looming, given the high number of forgery in university degrees. Some intellectuals have also seen the flood of fraud which has surfaced until the government moved in and punished all those who begrudge themselves.

On the side of the courts, the facts confirm that the penalty for forgery is imprisonment, especially if proven guilty, irrespective whether the forger has benefited from the crime of forgery or not. If the counterfeiter receives salaries based on forged degrees, he must return the salaries and an equivalent of it. There are many scenarios where the owners have falsified their document thinking they will escape punishment but stumbled before the judge when the charges against them were filed. They stammered and looked for an answer when they were aware they will be put behind bars.

After investigating the cases before the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the administrative authorities that approved the false papers were informed of the investigations of the Public Prosecution, So that they can take the necessary action.

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