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kuwait terror cell passportsPARIS, Nov 20, (Agencies): France on Friday praised Kuwait for a sting operation carried out Thursday against a terrorist cell belonging to Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), according to official reactions. Kuwaiti security forces busted and dismantled the ISIL cell, arresting a number of individuals of different Western and Arab nationalities.

“We praise the results which have just been obtained in matters of the fight against terrorism” in Kuwait, French Foreign Ministry spokesman Romain Nadal said in answer to KUNA questions on the Kuwaiti operation. He said that France and Kuwait collaborate very closely in this area as in many others. “We have very high quality cooperation with Kuwait in all domains,” the French spokesman remarked.

France has been calling for international mobilisation against ISIL after its terror attacks here Nov 13 which killed 129 people and wounded over 350. A French-sponsored UN Security Council resolution is due to be imminently submitted for a vote, calling for all countries to join the fight against the terrorist group.

kuwait terror cellMeanwhile, Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammed Al-Khalid affirmed that the higher political leadership has complete trust in the state security system and its devotion, efforts and sincerity to ensure safety of the country and its citizens. In a recent visit to headquarters of the State Security Department where he was received by Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry Lieutenant General Sulaiman Al-Fahd and Assistant Undersecretary of Internal State Security Affairs Major General Essam Al- Naham along with other top ministry officials, Sheikh Mohamed conveyed greetings from the political leadership to officers. He also extended appreciation for their efforts that led to the discovery and arrest of the terrorist cell.

In a statement issued by the Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry, Sheikh Mohamed stated the higher political leadership has complete trust in the state security system and its devotion to protect the nation and its citizens. According to Sheikh Mohamed, he closely followed up the stages of investigations that led to the capture of members of the terrorist cell and has been present with investigators to listen to the confessions of the cell; its criminal schemes and affiliation to terror group DAESH. He wished the security systems more successes and positive steps forward in serving the interests of the nation to sustain security and safety.

For his part, Al-Naham presented report on the latest developments in research and investigation operations conducted with the terrorist cell. Earlier, the Interior Ministry announced that its security operatives had arrested a network of extremists that supported the so-called DAESH with weapons and funds.

They include a Lebanese, an Egyptian, five Syrians, two Australians, and a Kuwaiti citizen. Lawmakers commended the recent busting of a terrorist cell in Kuwait that provided logistic support to DAESH and supplied it with missiles and weapons. They expressed their confidence in the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Khalid Al- Hamad Al-Sabah and the security operatives protecting this country, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

They appreciated the efforts of Ministry of Interior under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammad Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, affirming that the Parliament will always support the ministry’s efforts in keeping the country and its people safe from those with malicious intentions to provoke chaos in Kuwait. The National Assembly Secretary MP Adel Al-Kharafi praised Ministry of Interior and its security operatives as well as every sector that contributed to the success of terrorist cell arrest. In a press statement, he appreciated “the soldiers behind the scene” who greatly contributed to the discovery of the terrorist cell. Al-Kharafi urged the concerned authorities to “dig deeper into the case and share information with the neighboring countries in order to foil any future plans of the terrorists”.

Meanwhile, MP Hamad Al-Harshani praised the efforts exerted by the security authorities which led to the discovery of the terrorist cell that serves DAESH, stressing, “Their sincerity in serving the nation is the reassurance for the people of Kuwait, knowing that the security of the country is in good hands”. In addition, MP Abdallah Al-Turaiji said, “I am almost certain that this sting will not be the last of its kind particularly with the increasing cases of violence in the region and in the world, the new tactics adopted by terrorists and the accomplices, and the support they receive from their sympathizers”. “However, the sagacity of the people of Kuwait, the proper implementation of the law without hesitation and the execution of the judicial orders against traitors will contribute, to large extent, in reducing the terrorism threat”, he revealed.

Al-Turaiji stressed the need to apply more efforts for implementing necessary security measures at all border checkpoints of the country, which unfortunately continue to record cases of security lapses that are exploited by the criminals, adding that, “Kuwait’s safety is above all other considerations”. The Public Prosecution is investigating several people of various nationalities for financing the DAESH organization inside Kuwait, reports Al-Jaridah daily. According to sources this is the fifth case of its kind during this year.

The same sources said an unidentified Arab is being detained for allegedly sending KD 100,000 to DAESH through one of the accounts, indicating there are several other accounts through which the money transfer is made. Sources added the transfers are done directly by phone through some private financial institutions and exchange companies in Kuwait. This is done in coordination between the accused and some institutions and people inside Syria.

While the security forces continue to hunt for members of DAESH or the socalled Islamic State in Kuwait and some who are associated with these elements from abroad, informed sources revealed the authorities are considering claims to block the ‘Telegram’ application used by the organization in Kuwait to communicate with the terrorist elements in Syria, Iraq and Turkey after failing to control it, reports Al-Jaridah daily.

Reliable sources told the daily that the Telegram includes a feature to delete the mail immediately, does not allow storage, and has the difficulty of decrypting by devices that monitor the communications. This is what the elements in DAESH and some terrorist organizations use to facilitate its tasks. Sources noted the program is a property of a private sector company in Russia and has the right to access to information. Sources said the Russian authorities have announced that to days ago it blocked a number of people enrolled on this system.

The sources added the program was used by DAESH to commit a number of crimes in Kuwait which rocked the country, including the bombing of the Imam al-Sadiq mosque. This is in addition to facilitating, planning and coordinating their actions with their associates in Turkey, Syria and Saudi Arabia. The elements also used this program to provide them with information and issuing instructions. It has been revealed more than four other crimes linked to the financing of DAESH materialized through the use Telegram between elements in those countries and most recently the Arab network which is being investigated by the Public Prosecutor.

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