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Wednesday , January 19 2022

Foreign schools offer better services

MoE issues circular to schools to ‘submit’ report on facilities

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 18: The Private Education Department in the Ministry of Education issued a circular to all schools instructing managers and assistant managers to monitor buildings and submit detailed reports on air conditioning units, doors, windows, bulbs, furniture and facilities, reports Al-Rai daily.

The circular stressed the need to check the condition of Science laboratories, painting rooms, computer laboratories, libraries, prayer rooms and physical education halls; in addition to canteens particularly the food items, prices, refrigerators, pest control and hygiene.

It also underscored the need to make sure that the school clinics are in good condition, specifically the availability of medicines and first aid equipment.

An educational source confirmed that the air conditioning units in foreign schools are in very good condition, while the quality of such units is different in some Arab schools.

He said foreign schools offer the best services and facilities while the fees are high. He added the situation is the opposite in some Arab schools, especially in some areas where the number of students is too big.

He pointed out that many Arab and foreign schools are committed to the ministry’s decision regarding fees, attributing the complaints about fees to differences between class A and class B in Arab schools.

He said the owners of private schools have asked Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Hamid Al-Azmi to allow them to set the deadline for paying the last installment of school fees earlier than April in order to cover their financial commitments

Meanwhile, a number of parents have unveiled their plan to organize a sit in at a school in Jahra. They told the daily that the quality of services provided to their children do not match the high fees.

They said the facilities are in bad condition; especially the classrooms, bathrooms and air conditioning units. They added the school raised fees using the alleged difference between class A and class B as justification.

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