Food waste and extravagance burn pockets of family heads in Ramadan

‘Iftar’ gatherings, ‘ghabqas’ spike expenditure

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KUWAIT CITY, April 4: Food waste and extravagance are among the dangerous phenomena spreading in the country and have been exacerbated during the holy month of Ramadan, which is characterized by customs, occasions, and gatherings when food plays a vital role, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to statistics, about half a million tons of surplus food is wasted annually in Kuwait, which ranks 20th globally in terms of food waste. Ramadan comes with many social gatherings and events, such as family visits at Iftar tables or ghabqa gatherings, which are often characterized by manifestations of extravagance. A variety of foods including sweets are served on these tables, most of which are not consumed.

At a time that Ramadan events turned from social custom into a means of showing off and bragging; citizens confirmed that family spending doubled during Ramadan, and that the excessive cost “burned the pockets of the heads of families.” Fatima Al-Qahtani said some people publish pictures of tables and invitations on social media to show off, noting that the race to buy food is inconsistent with the purpose of Ramadan. She pointed out that a family that spends KD500 per month on normal days; spends about KD1,200 during Ramadan. Ali Al-Shammari stated that a lot of surplus food ends up in garbage containers; indicating the abundant Ramadan tables are exhausting the heads of families.

He said it has turned into a sort of imitation as many ghabqas are broadcasted live on social media during the month of asceticism and austerity. The daily’s staff toured the markets and confirmed 50 percent increase in food purchases since the beginning of Ramadan compared to the rest of the months of the year.

This news has been read 2778 times!

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