Flowers adorn Kuwait in ‘spring’; ‘Nuwair’, ‘Malva’ blossoming

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 9: With spring falling early this year in Kuwait, Nuwair and Malva flowers are now beginning to blossom out everywhere in the country, adorning streets, roads and even the desert in a naturally-shaped eye-catching image that brings serenity, joy and delight. Speaking to KUNA on Nuwair-growing in Kuwait, Dr. Sara Al-Ateeqi, a voluntary environment protection team member, said the fact that Nuwair and Malva flowers are now widespread in all Kuwaiti areas actually gives a feeling of calmness and pleasure thanks to their bright yellow and green colors.

Nuwair flowers are blooming in a beautiful yellow color.

Nuwair, in fact, is a group of yellow, orange and white spring plants and called Nuwair since it looks like the sun in view of its brilliance and splendor, she said, adding that its name differs from one species to another and even according to the time it grows up.

Blossoming out in desert and along roads during winter and spring, Nuwair is locally renowned as “Al-Hanwa”, “Al-Houthan”, “Al-Zamlouk”, “Al-Marar”, “Al-Adheed” and “Al-Hambzan”, Al-Ateetqi elaborated. With regards to Malva, she said it does not belong to the species of Nuwair.

Rather, it is a totally different plant that thrives during the months of January and February and whose green flowers are very delicious. For his part, Ouda Al-Bathali, a researcher, said that Hamlouq is widespread during this period of the year, with its fl owers blooming at sunrise but closing at sunset. Al-Zamlouq is a pure Kuwaiti word that literally means “early” since this species in particular is the first plant to bloom immediately following rainfall, he added. Al-Houthan is a species of flowers that contains five round petals that are fragmented into three parts, Al-Bathali pointed out.(KUNA)

This news has been read 12533 times!

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