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Flippant Haris

I have query about Haris asking for akramiya (goodwill) while renting a flat & asking for KD 5 or 10 extra other than rent every month. Last month I took a flat from another Indian family with household items and the Haris also asked for KD 250 akramiya.

After bargain he said give at least KD 150 or leave as more people are available to take this flat and are ready to pay more than KD 250 akramiya. So we agreed on KD 150 akramiya which I have already paid to him. At the same time of payment he also said there was KD 5 extra for removing garbage every month along with rent.

But a day later he changed his word and is now asking me to pay KD 10 extra every month for throwing garbage as he made this rule for all newly coming tenants, when I said he did not tell me this before, then he said if you don’t agree you can leave the flat. I have already taken the contract paper from him and did all cleaning of flat and going to shift my household items, now if I don’t agree to pay him extra KD 10 can he force me to leave the flat?

Name withheld

Answer: Since you have the signed rent contract with you, the Haris can’t force you to leave the flat and you must stick to the KD 5 verbal agreement he had with you as charge for collecting the garbage emanating from your flat.

If he is proving recalcitrant, tell him you want to have a chat with the owner of the building or the rent office in charge of the building on the issue of akramiya and the amount charge for garbage collections. We bet the Haris will recoil into his shell with this proposal since he is charging the akramiya on the blind side of the owner of the building, and is aware of the dire consequences of his actions if they come to light.

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