First Economic Tourism Forum in the Arab World to kick off in Kuwait

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Kuwait set to host the inaugural Economic Tourism Forum, a first in the Arab World.

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 10: Tomorrow marks the commencement of a landmark event as the State of Kuwait prepares to host the inaugural Economic Tourism Forum, set to be the first of its kind in the Arab world. Organized by the Arab Businesswomen Council, the forum is scheduled to span five days and will witness the participation of delegations from 12 countries across the region.

The selection of Kuwait as the venue for this pivotal gathering follows its designation as a “model for the Arab economy” by the Investment Committee of the Business Women’s Council. The forum, under the supervision of the Kuwaiti Federation of Professionals for Small and Medium Enterprises in collaboration with the Kuwaiti Economic Society, promises a rich array of activities and events.

Highlights of the forum include immersive visits to historical and cultural landmarks showcasing the rich heritage and economic development of the State of Kuwait. Concurrently, a groundbreaking economic symposium focusing on youth investment and women’s economic empowerment is scheduled to take place at the Marina Hotel the day after tomorrow.

Addressing the media during a press conference held today, Sheikha Dr. Hessa Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah, the head of the Arab Businesswomen’s Council, emphasized Kuwait’s regional significance and its substantial economic contribution. She stated, “Choosing the State of Kuwait as a model for economy and investment in the Arab world reflects its regional status and the important economic weight it represents.”

Echoing her sentiments, Sheikha Dr. Hessa Al-Sabah highlighted Kuwait’s longstanding commitment to implementing economic measures that benefit society, asserting that the nation’s history of pioneering initiatives across various sectors has garnered admiration worldwide.

Vice President of the Federation, Khairiya Dashti, revealed the extensive participation expected from countries including Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco. Dashti outlined the diverse range of activities planned, including visits to renowned cultural landmarks and traditional markets, showcasing Kuwait’s rich cultural tapestry and economic vibrancy.

In a parallel statement, the Federation Secretary outlined the organization’s objectives, which include empowering women economically, fostering the development of the private sector, and facilitating dialogue with state institutions to overcome obstacles hindering economic progress.

President of the Kuwait Economic Society, Mishari Al-Abdul-Jalil, emphasized Kuwait’s commitment to fostering a conducive business environment in collaboration with civil society organizations. He underscored the nation’s efforts to attract international companies and investments, ultimately contributing to the welfare and prosperity of Kuwaiti society.

As the first Economic Tourism Forum in the Arab world prepares to unfold in Kuwait, anticipation is high for the insights, collaborations, and initiatives that will emerge, further cementing Kuwait’s position as a beacon of economic progress and cultural heritage in the region.

This news has been read 763 times!

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