Some firms register fictitious employees

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KUWAIT CITY, May 11: “You want a salary while sitting in the comfort of your home?” This is no longer a fantasy, as reality has revealed that some companies in the private sector are registering fictitious employees in order to get salary support for national labor.

Both parties need each other — the company needs a number of Kuwaiti employees, while the imaginary employee needs a comfortable salary! Even though the phenomenon of pseudo-national employment in some private companies is not new, it has been given prevalence on social media, which has contributed to the spread of ads related to fictitious employment through different networks.

In addition, the process of submission no longer requires the trouble of visiting the company. It is sufficient for the employee to communicate with a faceless account on Twitter or Instagram, and sends the required documents electronically… with just a few clicks, one gets approved!

A good quick glance through various sites reveals the sudden increase in the registration ads, especially in concurrence with the graduation season in most educational institutions with companies hunting for fresh graduates.

Despite the concerned authorities’ strict inspection on companies to combat the so-called pseudonational employment in the private sector, there are several methods used to circumvent the laws. In a conversation with one of these accounts which offer services to register national manpower in the private sector in preparation for the disbursement of support, the account holder requested for the required documents to be processed in order to work in two companies — one with a salary of KD 100 per month in addition to labor support, while the other is without a salary but the labor support.

This news has been read 6431 times!

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