Finding greatness: The Rock’s advice on achieving fame

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Dwayne Johnson

The actor known for his role in Fast X, aged 51, recently took to Instagram to deliver a heartfelt message to his fans. It all began when a follower posed a question, asking him to elucidate the advantages and disadvantages of fame.

In a candid selfie video filmed within the confines of a gym, Johnson responded, “As for the drawbacks, well, there really are no drawbacks to fame.” He went on to explain that he considers himself incredibly fortunate to have been in the public eye for an extended period. He emphasized that his perspective on fame had evolved over time because he vividly recalls how challenging life was before his rise to stardom. “Back in the day, the alternative to fame was simply not being famous, and during those times, I struggled to pay rent, to discover my true identity, and I was essentially flat broke,” he candidly admitted. “I make a conscious effort to keep these memories at the forefront of my mind.”

Johnson further reflected that reminiscing about his financial hardships serves as a source of “valuable perspective,” helping him maintain “balance” and acting as a steady “anchor” amid the relentless “chaos” that often accompanies fame. He firmly stated, “I never let go of that feeling; I always tell myself, ‘I’m just one day away from facing eviction again,’ which keeps me motivated. So, for me, there are truly no drawbacks to fame.” He acknowledged that some of his celebrity friends hold differing opinions, sparking healthy discussions about the topic. Johnson welcomed these differences, viewing them as opportunities for dialogue and constructive discourse.

This news has been read 324 times!

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