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Filipino maids reluctant to come to Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, July 8: Head of the voluntary committee for studying the file of domestic workers “under publicity” Bassam Al-Shammari says the local offices are still suffering from a lack of domestic worker recruitment requests from Manila due to the reluctance of female workers to come to the country for several reasons such as administrative deportation, and not allowing them to transfer to different sponsors, because of which they prefer neighboring countries.

After a three-year suspension, the Embassy of the Philippines in Kuwait began receiving bilateral contracts known as “Job Order” concluded between local offices licensed in 2018 and beyond, and their counterparts in Manila for the recruitment of domestic workers from there, reports Al Jarida. Al-Shammari explained that this step is extremely important, as it allows these offices to bring in large numbers of Filipino domestic workers and pump them into the local market. This contributes to filling the acute shortage experienced by them for more than a year. He indicated that a surge in their numbers can be expected in the next three months, which will increase the supply to meet the huge demand for their services.

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