Filipina maid throws her illegitimate newborn in a yard

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KUWAIT CITY, June 29: According to a security source, a tragic incident occurred involving a newborn who was abandoned by his Filipino mother, a domestic worker, after being discovered by her sponsor.

The incident unfolded when a local couple, after returning from a stroll, attempted to reach their maid, who resided on the second floor. However, the maid did not respond to their calls. Concerned, the sponsor and his wife proceeded to her room.

To their distress, they heard the sound of a crying child coming from behind the closed door. In a desperate attempt to investigate, they forced open the door, only to find the maid in tears and bloodstains visible on her. It was then they noticed that the window was open.

As the sponsor glanced out of the window, a horrifying sight awaited him, a newborn baby had been callously discarded in the house’s yard, reports Al Rai. Swiftly, the authorities and an ambulance were notified, while the mother was promptly transported to the hospital. Tragically, the paramedics confirmed the newborn’s demise. A case has been registered, and investigations are currently underway to shed light on this distressing incident.

This news has been read 35431 times!

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