Filipina domestic missing; man strangles wife to death

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 18: The Philippines Embassy in Kuwait is looking for a missing Filipino maid and is reportedly waiting for a word from Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reports Al-Rai daily.

The Philippine embassy has confirmed the disappearance of a Filipino maid 18 months ago and submitted an official report to the Kuwaiti authorities, however no information has been received so far. An official source at the embassy said that Ronalyn Yonting Lawagan was reported to have run away from her Kuwaiti employer after working for two years. She last contacted her family in February 2017.

The source pointed out that several possibilities may be behind the disappearance of the maid, one of them is she might be afraid to appear or contact her family in the Philippines, since runaway domestic workers are often caught and controlled by gangs who trade in flesh or other illegal activities, and may be detained against her desire or stays in the country illegally, and therefore unable or unwilling to communicate with the authorities.

The source added there is a possibility she had been run over in a traffic accident or killed while carrying no personal identification documents, or has been ‘sold’ to more than one sponsor without informing the embassy. The source warned that there are criminals often tempt the maids to escape from their sponsors by promising them better jobs and pay better wages. According to travel records, Lawagan could still be in Kuwait because she has not exited the country.

Strangled to death: The husband is said to have strangled his wife to death in the suburb of Jaber Al- Ahmed, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily added, after ‘killing’ his wife, the husband is said to have surrendered to the police. He acknowledged what he did was in a fit of anger during a quarrel between them. He also said he did not intend to kill her. A security source said a 54-yearold man called the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry and reported

This news has been read 34165 times!

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