Fifth Gulf Virtual Conference propels innovation in the Gulf region

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Fifth Gulf Virtual Conference issues key recommendations for innovation and AI advancement in the Gulf region.

KUWAIT CITY, June 9: The Fifth Gulf Virtual Conference, held in Kuwait from June 3 to 5, concluded with significant recommendations aimed at enhancing the innovation, artificial intelligence, technology, and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Arab Gulf region. The conference focused on promoting sustainable development and expanding the digital economy’s horizons, as reported by the Al-Jarida newspaper.

Dr. Hanadi Al-Mubaraki, the conference president, shared with KUNA that the event, under the patronage of the Minister of Information and Culture, Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, attracted distinguished participants. Attendees included sheikhs, ministers, diplomats, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, media professionals, and over 150 experts from the Gulf Cooperation Council and Arab countries.

Key recommendations from the conference included:

  1. Investment in Digital Infrastructure: Emphasis on developing communications networks, Internet services, and cybersecurity measures to support the digital economy.
  2. Enhancing Education and Training: Focus on advancing education and training in technology and digital economy fields to improve workforce skills and qualifications.
  3. Policy and Legislation Development: Creation of policies and legislation to protect data and personal privacy within the digital economy.
  4. Strengthening Sector Cooperation: Encouragement of collaboration between public, private, academic, and civil society sectors to share knowledge and experiences.
  5. Innovation for Sustainability: Directing technological development towards achieving environmental, social, and economic sustainability and promoting innovation in clean technology.
  6. Sustainable Solutions Investment: Advocating for investments in sustainable solutions to balance economic development and environmental protection.
  7. Support for Inventors and Innovators: Establishing an Arabic application offering free consulting services to inventors and innovators.
  8. Cybersecurity Innovation: Developing new tools to address cybersecurity challenges and creating algorithms for reliable content-writing applications supported by artificial intelligence.

Dr. Al-Mubaraki highlighted that these recommendations aim to foster a robust ecosystem for innovation and technological advancement in the Gulf, contributing to broader sustainable development goals.

This news has been read 1145 times!

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