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Fictitious employment – Panel to open file on ghost workers in govt

KUWAIT CITY, May 13: Parliament’s Negative Phenomena Committee is set to open up the file of ghost workers in government institutions, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting parliamentary sources. They explained that there are a huge number of state employees who do not work, or rather do not go to work, which has become a matter of burden and disaster for governmental institutions.

The sources said the committee has stressed the need to explore this issue and find solutions and ways to eliminate this phenomenon, revealing that about 50,000 employees of ministries and governmental institutions are ghost workers who are on the payroll of the government illegally and undeservedly.

They indicated that majority of these employees were appointed through the intervention of current and previous lawmakers especially in areas that lack significant supervision and control. These positions include directors and heads of department who exist only on paper.

The sources lamented that some of the ghost workers are employed in more than one institution where they have never even set a foot but still manage to earn huge salaries for their fictitious employment. Meanwhile, Rapporteur of parliament’s Inquiry Committee MP Saadoun Hamad revealed that the committee received a new report from the State Audit Bureau concerning violations in German Health Office, indicating that the report has been included in the agenda of the committee’s meetings for discussion, reports Al-Rai daily.

The MP said the committee has submitted a letter to the parliament to allow its members to travel to the countries mentioned in the letter, saying, “We will investigate the violations of the four health offices in Germany, America, France and Britain”.

Hamad affirmed that he has been coordinating with the Head of the committee MP Salah Khorshid, especially after the reports from the State Audit Bureau was received, adding that the report of the bureau concerning violations of the German Health Office was referred directly to the Inquiry Committee.

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