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Few public hospital doctors know rates of medicines, medical equipment

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 16: According to a study conducted by a number of researchers from College of Business Administration, College of Life Sciences and Faculty of Allied Health Sciences at Kuwait University, very few doctors are aware of the prices of medicines and medical equipment, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The study was conducted on a sample of 104 doctors who work in public hospitals. They affirmed that doctors must know the prices of medicines and medical equipment in order for them to be able to subscribe the most suitable treatments that suit different patients.

The doctors managed to estimate the prices of 22 percent of the medicines and 14 percent of the medical equipment included in the survey. They estimated the cost of a particular injection at about KD 15 but the real cost is KD 85.

They assumed a single pack of blood costs KD 35 but the real price is KD 60. On the other hand, doctors claimed the cost of a particular treatment is KD 15 but the actual price is only KD 2. They also estimated the cost of the medical equipment needed for a stomach treatment to be KD 100 but the real cost is KD 380.

According to the study, the doctors are aware of the scientific names of medicines, their components and their effect, but they are not aware of their different commercial names and the different prices.

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