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‘Fee rise for Expats visiting the Emergency Department in public hospitals unjust’ – Attorney files petition

KUWAIT CITY, March 21 : Attorney Abdullatif Al-Ameer has filed a petition at the Legal Affairs Department in the Ministry of Health against ministerial decision number 127/2019 on increasing the fee for expatriates visiting the Emergency Department in public hospitals. He considers the decision unjust and in violation of laws, in addition to misuse of authority and international norms, hence, demanding for its cancellation, says Al-Seyassah.

In a press statement after filling the petition, Al-Ameer indicated that the decision is a form of misusage of the health minister’s authority, and that it is in violation of the Constitution, common and Islamic laws. He revealed his objective is to ensure that the principle of equality is implemented as stipulated in the Constitution.

“The Constitution states that people are equal in dignity and humanity,” he noted, adding that this decision attracts damages which will be difficult to catch up with, primarily, the economic imbalance in private sector contracts where expatriates constitute 90 percent of the labor force. He pointed out the ministry took the decision in order to reduce the burden on the Emergency Department in public

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