Family visa rules: No transfer of dependent / family visa to work visa

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Ministry of Interior unveiled new conditions for dependents’ residency.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 31: In a significant development the Residency Affairs Sector at the Ministry of Interior. It has been revealed that the General Administration of Residence Affairs, under the leadership of Major General Sheikh Salem Al-Nawaf, released the final conditions for the inclusion of dependents. Sources indicate that a noticeable upheaval in transaction completions occurred across residency departments in the six governorates in recent days.

Responding to this, a crucial meeting was convened, attended by directors and assistants of these departments, along with the acting General Director of Residence Affairs, Brigadier Ali Al-Adwani. The primary agenda of the meeting was to elucidate the newly established conditions. As per the outcomes of the meeting, it has been stipulated that the inclusion of dependents, as outlined in Article 22 (Family / Dependent visa), is restricted to wives and children only. Moreover, it has been mandated that the husband’s minimum salary should amount to 800 dinars, and the age of children eligible for inclusion should not exceed 14 years.

Additionally, the conditions emphasize that converting the residency status of the wife to Article 18 (work visa) is strictly prohibited. However, an exception can be made if the sponsor submits a binding declaration, committing not to request the conversion of the sponsored person’s residency. Highlighting the basic requirements, the conditions reiterate the necessity of a university degree and its alignment with available job opportunities in the country as essential criteria for granting visa to wives and children. These changes mark a significant step in the management of residency affairs, providing clarity on the eligibility and criteria for dependents joining the husband in the country.

This news has been read 25665 times!

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