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Family visa for a Bangladeshi national – Wife under her father sponsorship

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I am from Bangladesh, working in a local shop in Kuwait about 2 years and 4 months. My visa type Article 18 Visa and my salary is KD 400 in work permit and my designation is sales executive.

My wife is staying in Kuwait and her sponsor is her father. Its been 5 years we are married and we have a 3 years 8 months old kid in Bangladesh where we got married. I want to know if there is any procedure to get family visa or I have to have KD 450 salary in work visa to apply for family visa. And if my salary is increased to KD 450 then what will be the procedure. It would be my pleasure if you kindly help me out by giving me advice. Thanks in advance.

Name withheld

Answer: For your information, the minimum monthly salary required to be able to apply for a family visa has been increased from KD 450 to KD 500 to be able to apply for a family visa you should therefore, be earning KD 500. This means that your KD 400 which you hope to have it increased to KD 450 wont’ be enough for you to sponsor your family.

For a woman to be married and still be under the sponsorship of her father is against the laws of Kuwait. We therefore, advise that you take steps to correct this anomaly especially that both of you are now in Kuwait. To do this the only avenue opened to you is to seek the transfer of your wife’s residence from her father’s to your’s. We must however caution that success on this target is not guaranteed and there is also a possibility of your father-in-law running into problems for sponsoring a married daughter.

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