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Fake news on Coronavirus? You could be imprisoned for 5 years

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 2: Some social media accounts in Kuwait for past two days have been spreading fake news on Corona virus thinking it is normal and will go unpunished, but it is not the case. Due to their ignorance or lack in knowledge of law such act is considered as unexceptionable excuse specially in sensitive cases in which citizens and residents are terrorized with such news in specially in this case of deadly virus which started in China and has spread all over the world where no antidote has been found yet reports Al Qabas

More than one account appeared on social media talking about the presence of people infected with Coronaviruses in Kuwait claiming that some patients are hospitalized. Based on facts, legal authorities confirmed that broadcasting false news booked these people under the law.

The courts pointed out that the criminal intent is achieved in the crime of disseminating false news, through the intent of the accused to broadcast news, data or rumors, with knowledge of the resulting damages, and this offense does not require the incident officer to obtain permission from the competent authority to conduct his investigations.

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