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Facebook most used social media ‘platform’ in Kuwait

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Tik Tok most used site in Kuwait with 35.9%

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 12: Data issued by the Communications and Information Technology Commission revealed Facebook came at the forefront of the most used social media platforms in Kuwait during the second quarter of 2021, reports Al- Anba daily. Facebook was used by about 31 percent of Internet users in Kuwait, while the Russian social networking site ‘Odnoklassniki’ was second, with a utilization rate of 19.9%; while the social blogging platform ‘Tumblr’ came in third place with 16.5% users, ‘instagram’ came in fourth place with 13.4% users, followed by Twitter in fifth with 11.5% users, and ‘Pinterest’ came sixth, with 3.78% of users, then ‘Vkontakte’ seventh with 2.3%, and the Chinese ‘Tencent’ eighth with 0.3%.

With regard to the most used broadcast playback applications in Kuwait for 2021, the data revealed that Tik Tok is the most used site in Kuwait with 35.9%, followed by YouTube with 32.5% users, then Netflix with 11.5%. The ‘Twitch’ platform came in fourth place with 9.9% users, followed by ‘Twitter Video’ in fifth with 4.48%, sixth is ‘Shahid’ with 2.86%, then ‘came Delimotion’ in seventh place with 1.4% users, then the “Facebook Video” platform with a percentage of 0.7%, and finally, the Amazon Video platform, at 0.5%. As for the most used electronic games applications in Kuwait, American electronic games applications ‘Blizzard’ topped the list with 32.1 percent users, followed by the ‘Playstation’ with 18.9%, then the computer games ‘Valve steam services’ with 15.8%, and then the ‘Fortnite’ for computers by 6%, then Roblox by 5%, the Call of Duty game series by 5%, and finally PUBG Mobile 1.3%.

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