‘Expenditure on education in Kuwait less than average of other countries’

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Two thirds of students feel bored during science classes: study

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 9: Results of a study conducted by the Secretariat General for Planning showed that expenditure on education in Kuwait is less than the average expenses of other countries, reports Annahar daily.

According to the study, only 41 of 150 countries spent six percent or more of their budget on education in 2011; pointing out Kuwait was not included in 2011 and 2014 as it spent only 5.06 percent of its budget on education during these years. The study added that United Nations member-countries are supposed to spend about 20 percent of their budget on education, indicating the average expenditure on education was 15 percent in 2011.

Out of 138 countries, only 25 spent more than 20 percent of their budget on education in 2011. Kuwait was not among them in 2011 and in 2014. It also disclosed that the item on salaries and allowances constitutes 90 percent of the budget for education in Kuwait, stressing this is a negative indicator.

The cost of education for a student at Kuwait University is more than the amount spent on his counterpart in any of the best universities in Britain and these universities are the best in the world as well. The study covered a number of schools for different academic levels in various governorates in a bid to evaluate the quality of education in Kuwait.

Results revealed the skills of teachers play the biggest role as they affect the educational outputs either positively or negatively. It concluded that the quality of education has yet to reach the satisfactory level. In addition, two thirds of the students who participated in a questionnaire said they feel bored during science classes.

The cost for students with poor academic performance and drop outs at Kuwait University reached KD 39 million in academic year 2012/2013 –12.89 percent of the university’s budget. The study recommended developing activities in schools, providing required materials in science laboratories, and rationalizing expenditure without reducing salaries as it should be done by redirecting items of the budget in order to increase the budget for important items and reducing the budget for less important ones.

It also stressed the need to implement the recommendations mentioned in the report of educational experts from Singapore concerning the education in Kuwait in 2013. These experts suggested improving the teachers’ level of professionalism, tapping the creative potentials of teachers, and implementing an effective mechanism for the evaluation of teachers’ performance.

This news has been read 10425 times!

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