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Expats surprised by warning letters from landlords for rent payments

KUWAIT CITY, Apr 7: At these difficult times when many real estate campaigns were launched under the title “Help your tenants” or “Pardon the tenants” and many other initiatives were taken which received positive approval from economists and by expats, in recent days just opposite campaigns have been noticed with one message which has been hung on the walls of some elevators of the building “It is better to pay, or you will pay for it.”

Such threatening messages were legally handed over to some apartment tenants who communicated with the landlords and assumed their legal right not to give up collecting their rent without tolerating any delay.

Some landlords threatened their tenants with legal measures saying “Pay on the specified monthly dates or we will be forced to take legal measures against you” which was rejected by many tenants with the message “Our salaries are interrupted when our company’s business have stopped so from where do we pay the rents to you? ”

This situation has left many expats confused thinking is the landlord really entitled to expel us legally from our apartments if we do not pay in the usual monthly dates? or is the landlord only threatening in a hope that his tenants will be forced to pay. Taking into account that the income of a large segment of expats has already affected either by non payment of salaries or by deducting the pay and they have proof of it.

At the same time, some real estate investment initiatives continue to provide facilities for their apartment tenants either exempting completely or reduction in their rents this scene in other buildings was completely different.

Where as some landlords demanded tenants to submit an application individually so that each tenant can be assessed on basis on their jobs if their companies were affected due to coronavirus crisis.

On the other hand real estate owners stated that with these corona crisis landlords were informed to take notice of those who are suffering from economic repercussion due to the impact of corona virus as many have lost their jobs as some companies and businesses have been completely shut.

Hence it is necessary to adopt economical measures so that in the long term taking strict stance will end up in vacating their buildings and will be difficult to fill vacant building noting that there are surplus 80,000 vacant apartments in Kuwait

They stated that in the absence of the exemption or reduction in rents the tenants will start thinking seriously about leaving the apartments and going to those who take into account their circumstances in distress and the biggest loser will be the landlord and not the tenant. In near future there will large imbalance between supply and demand due to reduction in rents.

Socially the campaigns launched showed humanitarian approach of Kuwait and its people who have demonstrated once again that the act of charity was inherited by Kuwaitis.
Many real estate saw that some landlords in Kuwait have overlooked the humanitarian approach and closed their eyes to current economic repercussions that the country is going through at the present time.

They stated that if by law the tenant is required to pay the rent on the the basis of the contract then these laws in light of such a crisis can be put aside explaining that with this behavior and the sense of humanity and patriotism Kuwait and its people have survived many crises is past and has brought back to safety again.

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