‘Expats rights in Kuwait protected’

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Workers’ union marks 55th ’versary

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: Kuwait general union of workers marks on Sunday its 55th anniversary, an entity founded to defend workers’ rights and promote women engagement in various labor sectors. The union was established on December 25, 1967, as an umbrella for 15 sub unions including workers in the public sector and labor union of the petroleum and petrochemical industries, with objectives focusing on rights of the workers’ segment, in addition to issues such as women empowerment and engagement in public affairs, namely affairs concerning the working class. Since inception, the union has continued to represent the workers, including expatriate laborers, cooperating with other authorities and entities to ensure their rights and encourage female citizens to be engaged in the federation’s tasks and activities.

Ahmad Al-Enezi, the chairperson, said in a statement that the federation, since its establishment, has defended “syndicate democracy,” public liberties and engagement in national action, siding with nations subject to injustice, namely the Palestinian people in their struggle against “the hateful occupation.” The federation has attached special concern for the labor education and training, he said, noting that the external workers’ movement has been greatly hinging on the educated and enlightened elite. In line with this approach, the union established a special institute for labor education in 1972.

A successful syndicate leadership largely hinges on intellectual action as complementary to the practical experience, al-Enezi added. The union published the magazine “Al-Amel” (the worker) in 1975 to aid in promoting its media message to the Arab world, Al-Enezi said, pointing out the magazine played a role in publicizing the struggle against the Iraqi occupation in the early 90s. (By Yusuf Al-Tatan – KUNA)

This news has been read 34164 times!

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